De Melo Candidates

"The Heart & Soul of De Melo Recruitment"

Our candidates are more than just numbers to us. They are the lifeblood of our operation. Therefore we see them as colleagues, who represents us on the outside.

Seeing our applicants happy in their new role is what makes our job so rewarding.

We offer De Melo candidates face to face interview training, weekly pay for temps, mediation with employers if necessary and much more....

Would you like to become a De Melo Candidate?
Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us section below, or alternatively just give us a call on 0207 813 4572 between 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.


Just a few words about my recruitment process with you De Melo Recruitment.
Very excellent!
I'm really pleased to let you know that it has been by far the best recruitment process with you. I like that you connect on a personal level with your candidates and really go into depth with each job specification. And I am sure you do that with all of your candidates, which really amazes me.
Although I don't work for the company anymore, I really enjoyed the whole on boarding process and would definitely choose you over any other recruitment company!


Working together with De Melo Recruitment was very enjoyable. They supported me in finding a suitable working opportunity from beginning to end.
I was very lucky and grateful to have Lucas as my person of contact. Whenever I needed anything or was in doubt, I simply messaged him, and I was helped immediately. He is very kind, professional, helpful, understanding and patient. He always informed and updated me about any changes or other jobs that I would be interested in. Payslips were sent via email as a PDF document which included all necessary information that allowed me to review the accuracy of the details. To ensure further security these payslips were secured with a personal password so that it can be viewed only by the trusted person. Emails with the payslips were always sent on time and I have never encountered any trouble regarding the payments.
I was with De Melo for about one year and I can truly say that their service was indeed professional, accurate and fast. I felt taken care of and guided into the business world since I got my first job in London through De Melo. They organized all CVs and other documents as well as my interviews with the clients which saved me a lot of time. If anyone needs help and guidance in finding a suitable workplace then I would highly and dearly recommend De Melo Recruitment.
I cannot emphasize enough on how supportive and competent they are, especially Lucas. It was truly a great experience.
Thank you! Lusia