We are here to make hiring your next employee easy and hassle free!

We Are Different. Because we work differently.

At present the job market in the UK is candidate driven. Where as in the past many candidates competed for the ideal job, today employers are finding themselves competing for high calibre candidates. This is because job boards are inundated with hundreds of similar jobs being advertised everyday.

How can we make sure our client's vacancies are being filled?

Simple really! We don't limit ourselves to only using job boards. We seek the most suitable candidates to fit your company through other means and make them aware of the opportunity that your company has available. An opportunity that these applicants would have otherwise missed in a Job board flooded with identical job adds.

How is De Melo Recruitment different?

We build a professional relationship with our candidates, maintaining communication and getting regular updates. So we can match availability, skill and location more accurately.

Language Recruitment & Brexit

Brexit has arrived. What does that mean for multilingual recruitment?

It means that from 1st January 2021 European born citizens are now required to have  settlement status or a working permitted visa to be able to work in the UK.  

London is very well known for being  a multicultural and diverse city, where so many different languages are spoken everyday and our aim is to keep it that way.
 We are constantly checking for updates on the immigration situation and what future requirements will be. We are also looking for ways to help highly skilled European workers to migrate to the UK and  join our clients.